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Right now I am really into summer dresses. It’s all I’m looking for when I’m shopping – perfect, light, flowy and girlie dresses. However, to my dissapointment, I realized there were no maxi dresses to be found, when I had set out to spend an afternoon of shopping specifically for these dresses! My go-to shopping destinations, Zara and Forever 21, barely had any in site. Or if they did, were quite unflattering and did not fit my taste. Luckily I came accross this adorable hi-lo dress, which made me feel a little better.

Lucca Couture – Hi-Lo Shirt Dress

I purchased it in a pastely peachy-pink. It’s perfect for any occasion and will take me from day to night. Very sophisticated and girly. And although, I am not a fan of the hi-lo hem style, I do like this version of it because it isn’t too much.

What’s your favourite summer dress style right now?


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